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The access to the Master Degree in Architecture Arc5UE (five-year run) is subject to a selective test, unique on national territory

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 The Master degree in Architecture Arc5UE (five-years) LM-4 c.u. (Master degree in Architecture and Engineering), has the formation, as main goal, of professional figure conforming to architect's qualification, as requested in the European Directive 2005/36, related to the recognition of the professional qualifications.

The Master Degree in Architecture (five-year) is recognized by the European Union and it is achieved at the end of a five year program of studies that requires the overcoming of 30 examinations and consequent the acquisition of 300 formative credits(CFU) divided according to an ample multidisciplinarity.

The access to the program Arc5UE is limited in number and is subordinate to an access testfocused  on a set of disciplines, such as science, art and craft, both the study of theories and of paradigmatic examples and techniques. The courses are structured to construct a balanced relationship among the theoretical and practical aspects of architecture.

At the end of the 5 years, students have extensive knowledge in the field of architecture, operational and synthesis kills, related  to the project of architecture.

Graduates can access the national examination for the enrolment to the Architects, Planners, Landscape architects and Conservatories board section ‘Senior architect’, and can practice in the countries of the European Union as architects.

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